Specific Objective 10.1b Increased participation in early education and compulsory education - Primary and secondary school

School no. 190 – Sector 4

School no. 190 – Sector 4

Improving the educational infrastructure – School no. 190 16 Nitu Vasile street

The general objective of the project is to increase the quality of education infrastructure, access and attractiveness of the school, to ensure an educational process at European standards, increase the participation of the school population in the educational process, reduce school dropout and early school leaving and increase the transition rate. higher levels of education. The semi-Olympic swimming pool was modernized and rehabilitated and the school gym was renovated and redesigned, connecting functionally and architecturally the two bodies with different volumes in shape, size and functions in a single ensemble.

The new pool is 25 meters long and 15.4 meters wide with six swimming lanes, being approved for national and international swimming competitions. The students from schools and high schools of Sector 4 – approximately 30,000 children – will have the possibility to practice swimming, free of charge, during sports classes.

Beneficiary Sector 4, Bucharest
Non-refundable financial assistance 14,845,972.37 lei
Status finalized